About D4Z

Is your hospital Designed 4 Zero?

Designed 4 Zero ("D4Z") is an initiative begun in 2019 to facilitate dialog between healthcare facilities and other stakeholders about the reduction of healthcare harm. D4Z's stated mission is to "eliminate HAI's and healthcare harm." The initiative and its members are committed to four key principles, termed the D4Z Principles. They are as follows:

  1. A commitment to zero - full commitment to reducing HAI's and other healthcare harm
  2. Macro awareness - awareness that what one does impacts what others do
  3. Evidence-based claims - performance solutions solving evidence-based problems
  4. Third-party confirmation - third-party studies to confirm performance claims

Once a year, SLD Technology hosts the D4Z Healthcare Summit, a premier healthcare event. Luminaries from various fields within healthcare gather to discuss the current state of the industry, developments within it, and potential solutions to the problems it faces, all with an eye toward eliminating healthcare-acquired infections and other forms of healthcare-related harm.

The D4Z Governing Board is made up of an impartial group of like-minded professionals in the field of healthcare. The board oversees D4Z Panel discussions on a regular basis and are always looking for healthcare professionals to join their cause.