Modular ducted diffusion with integrated lighting

An easy-install, lightweight solution for air distribution and lighting

Wire-hung in minutes, the LEDiffuser is a light, flexible, elegant alternative to traditional ducted diffusion.

Don't forget the back table!

The evidence is growing: a sterile back table means improved patient outcomes. Provide sterile air and additional lighting over the back table in Class 3 hybrid imaging rooms or operating rooms with the LEDiffuser.

A flexible solution for procedure room ventilation

With integrated lighting and air distribution, the LEDiffuser is your single-source solution for Class 2 imaging room or procedure room ceiling systems.



High-quality LED lighting

Powered by Signify Advance LED strip modules, see an output of 1,100 lm/ft at the high energy efficacy of up to 173 lm/W. Our boards have exceptional lumen maintenance: an L90 of 36,000 hours.


Reduced connection points

Requiring as few as one connection point for the integrated lighting, one connection point for the supply air, and four support connections, the LEDiffuser minimizes peripheral work and saves valuable interstitial space.


Easy test & balance

Test and balance the system with all components in place via allen key. Dampers are located downstream of the HEPA filters to allow direct access for adjustment.


Factory quality

Modules are assembled in a controlled factory environment, at bench level, versus installing individual components from lifts, scaffolding, or ladders in tight ceiling spaces.


Easy maintenance

Hinged damper/diffusers provide ease of access for cleaning and HEPA filter installation. The LED drivers for the integrated lighting are room-side accessible for quick maintenance.


Single-source responsibility

Minimize risk and condense the submittal review process. Fewer vendors means less potential for clash oversights in the ceiling space.

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